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  • Brittny Love

Boys and Girl's Club Builds Solar-Powered Green House

The Boys and Girls Club of Alamosa, Colorado is one of the most affordable childcare providers in the area, but with their recent installment of a solar-powered greenhouse, the kids who partake in the program are gaining priceless knowledge and skills when it comes to growing food and building a more sustainable world.

The green house was constructed in the spring of 2016 and cost $45,000 to build, but because of the solar capacity, there is no other cost needed to keep the greenhouse flourishing all year long. The children of the Boys and Girls Club planted the seeds in the beds and they help to harvest and maintain their already bountiful in-door garden. “The kids really enjoy it,” said Nicole, a club counselor. “I have never seen kids so excited about eating healthy food. We brought in a bunch of greens and the kids ate it completely raw and loved it. We are now using the organic produce from the garden in all of the snacks and lunches we provide.”

The green house is equipped with an aquaponics system and they are growing an assortment of vegetables like kale, chard, carrots, and beets – but they are also growing some fruit such as raspberries! Every day the kids get to go out and work in the greenhouse and see the magic of how nature evolves tiny seeds into all the delicious food they can eat. “I think it’s so important for children to know how to grow food and to know where it all comes from. That’s something we’ve really forgotten in this world.” Nicole added.

It was amazing to see how the greenhouse was so full of life, considering it was only constructed a few short months prior. There’s one thing this world really needs today and that’s a new generation of organic farmers. It was humbling to know all the children in the program are getting the hands on experience of growing food and gaining a respect for the planet and what nourishes us.

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