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  • Brittny Love

Don't Forget How Much You Matter

I woke up this morning and had this analogy running through my thoughts, a message from spirit to share with you today…. So often times we find ourselves overwhelmed in life, lost in self-criticism, doubt, anger, shame, insecurities, frustrations and procrastination – leaving us in that vicious cycle on the never-ending treadmill.

Imagine life on a smaller scale for a moment. You and a group of people get together to help clean up and rebuild a local park. In the group there are those who are naturally skilled builders, planners, designers… Everyone who’s there to assist is needed; whether they are putting together a new playground, picking up trash, or preparing meals for those on site. Now imagine several people in the group doubting their talents and abilities, while others want to fight and argue with each other. Several people sit down on the side-lines and decide to do nothing and others simply walk away… Leaving only a handful of members left to handle the large project on their own. Some of those who remained now become bitter and resentful at those who left and some feel insecure about the tasks at hand and become dominating and authoritarian over the rest.

As divine spirits, we come to earth with perfectly unique gifts, talents, and abilities which are 100 percent necessary to help heal our world. There are a million distractions and illusions out there that can deter you from your true path, but there is no such thing as, too late. Those who have incarnated to Earth at this time are here to experience an exciting, beautiful and extraordinary healing and revolution that benefits all life around the globe. Everyone who’s here at this time is absolutely needed and necessary for this ascension process. If you’re feeling lost, confused, angry, or sad – ask yourself, what did I enjoy as a child? What were my natural gifts/abilities then? What old belief or destructive patterns am I holding onto that’s limiting my experience and growth in this lifetime?

I wish to lovingly remind you now that you are your own leader, your own healer, and you contain the same power and potential as everyone else. I know this has not been an easy time for us on the planet, as we’ve been cleansing and purging out of old dense energy, but just remember that you truly do matter, you do have power and we need your light in this world. You wouldn’t exist here at this time if you were not meant to be here… Let’s not rely on any “elected” official, or an outside force, to be the hero; transcend this and take responsibility and be our own hero. Be the loving, creative leader of your life and do what you can in your community and watch the miracles unfold as we all collectively do the same. Trust, have faith, and again, remember – you absolutely matter!

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