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Magical New Connection ~ Humbling Travel Story

One of the things I love most about traveling on the road is you never know who you’re going to meet! I am excited to write this entry after a recent magical new connection in North Carolina. My son and I arrived in the town of High Point early in the afternoon and I decided to check into a nearby hotel. This isn’t something I do very often, but sometimes I enjoy getting out of the van and having some space to hang out, shower, and get some online work done without using my Wi-Fi data.

Before settling into our room and putting my son down for a nap, I googled local café’s in the area and choose one on a whim. We walked over to the place and a sweet young girl was behind the counter. I really felt my intuition light up and it called me to talk with this woman about the Eco-villages we’ve been visiting. She completely lit up when I shared I had recently been to the Earth Haven community and she said she’d been wanting to intern there. I learned her name was Mira and that she was studying sustainability in college and the café was owned by her family. “Where are you staying?” she asked.

“I just got us a room down the road from here,” I replied.

“If you can get a refund, you’re more than welcome to come stay with me. I have an upstairs loft available.”

This was the first time since venturing out on the road that someone had offered us a place to stay, whom I didn’t know. I definitely always use and trust my intuition and the only thing I felt from Mira was good vibes! So I left the café and returned to the hotel to see about a refund. I was given my money back without issue and then Mira gave me the address to her place. The café was now bustling with customers and I smiled at the divine timing of it all. When we’d arrived, we were the only ones in there, had we arrived any later, we wouldn’t have gone into the conversation we had! The other thing that amazed me was how Mira had just met my son and me, yet she trusted us in her space, even though she wouldn’t be home until later that night.

Mira told me that her loft is behind her parent’s house and that she’d called her mom and let her know we were on our way. I drove to the cute little house on the forest’s edge and smiled at the site of their big green yard, complete with a play house, toys, and some blooming garden beds. I introduced myself to her mom, Sylvia, and she showed us where we could access the bathroom and laundry and also gave me the Wi-Fi password.

Sirian and I went upstairs to the loft and it was such a sweet space! There was a big decorative window, a nice bed, a comfy couch, plenty of room for my son to play and there was cute artwork and dried flowers on display. I’d definitely made the right choice to refund the hotel! Mira texted to check in with me during her shift and I let her know all was well and we were very grateful. My son took the longest nap that day and I got a lot of good writing done! Mira arrived home that evening and her and I talked late into the night. It really felt like I’d known her for years…

Mira, although only 21 years old, is incredibly intelligent and was full of cool stories. She shared with me how she’d recently hitch-hiked with a former boyfriend from their hometown of High Point, NC, all the way to California! “I’ll never forget the generosity and kindness we received from others while on our journey. So many people offered us rides and places to stay – it’s made me want to offer the same kind of love and support to other travelers,” she said. Mire has since hosted a few other travelers and I thought it was really special that her family was supportive of passerby’s staying on the property.

My son and I stayed with them for two nights and it was such a great time. I was able to do my laundry, prepare meals in the kitchen and take a hot shower… I can’t express how thankful I am for the new friendship I had made and it blew my mind to think back on the synchronistic events that brought us together.

On the morning we were going to head out, I found a note on my laptop from Mira. Inside she had very sweetly gifted us some money and this is what she’d written to me:

“You and Sirian have shined the brightest light in my life and at the perfect time. I’m always grateful for my youth, but often forget I still need guidance. It might seem small on such a big journey you’re on, but I feel so deeply connected to you! I can confidently say that I found a soul sister! I know our paths will cross again because they have to! I hope I can convince you that you are indeed succeeding at your goal of teaching others how to heal and I hope you believe me when I say you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Lives change one conversation at a time. You are succeeding and inspiring others like me along the way...”

Mira climbed the stairs to the loft as I finished reading the note, and of course I now had tears flowing down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her and said the biggest thank you! She hugged me in return and said she wished she could give more…. I can’t tell you how touched I really was by everything I’d experienced and been so graciously gifted.

We went out to lunch before she had to leave for a catering job with her dad and I’d be heading onward to Virginia. This entire journey I have been wondering who we’d meet and how things would work out – I am amazed by the connections the universe has been lining up on our path and I will be paying it forward and spreading the love wherever we tread next. No matter who you are, we can all do something to make this world a more loving, kinder, and beautiful place. I hope you can be someone’s reason to smile today.



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