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  • Brittny Love

The Bomb.Com Quesadilla Recipe

15 minutes

For this delicious and fulfilling meal, you will need:

Tortillas (Organic)

Cheese (I use organic almond cheese)


Onions (finely chopped)


Avacado (1/2)

Broccoli Sprouts

Garlic (optional)

Chipotle Sauce (Or hummus spread)

Add cheese, chopped onions, garlic, (pre-cooked) lentils, and chipotle sauce (or hummus) and spread onto the tortilla, then fold in half. Put 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil in pan and pre-heat before adding the tortilla. Cook until golden brown, on each side, and after the cheese has melted! Put the quesadilla onto a plate and now add in the walnuts, avacado, and broccoli sprouts… Serve and enjoy!

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